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At amaZulu, Inc., we provide a variety of thatched roof products and turnkey services to theme park, hospitality, entertainment, and other commercial industries. amaZulu has been a premier theme park material supplier to the top Theme Park / Water Park Developers and Owners for over 16 years.

Individual consumers rely on amaZulu, Inc. products to turn their homes and backyards into unique environments using thatch roofing, thatch umbrellas, tiki huts and more. Our business and consumer clients both know they can rely on our top quality products to transform their creative visions into beautiful reality — cost-effectively, responsibly and sustainable. Our green building products are unsurpassed.

Watch the short video to see some of our products and applications. Visit our blog to learn more about the products we work with, how our products are made, and some innovative projects. And please join our email list so you’ll never miss an informative post on theming, design, sustainability, natural materials, authentic environments, and much more.

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We are the leading manufacturer of printed carpet and artificial turf for bowling centers, roller skating rinks, family arcades, family entertainment centers, glow golf, restaurants, kids rooms, game rooms,home theaters and miniature golf. Astro carpet works close with the client to customize a look and feel for their center to make a lasting impression.

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Axalta is a leading global company focused solely on coatings and providing customers with innovative, colorful, beautiful and sustainable solutions. From light vehicles, commercial vehicles and refinish applications to electric motors, buildings, pipelines and other industrial applications, our coatings are designed to prevent corrosion, increase productivity and enable the materials we coat to last longer. With more than 150 years of experience in the coatings industry, the approximately 14,000 people of Axalta continue to find ways to serve our more than 100,000 customers in 130 countries better every day with the finest coatings, application systems and technology.
Fast Facts
150+ years in the coatings industry
50 manufacturing facilities
4 global technology centers
30+ country technology laboratories
47 customer training centers
Doing business in 130+ countries
100,000+ customers, many with multiple facilities
4,000+ distributors
More than 14,000 employees
1,400+ scientists, engineers and technology staff
1,000+ patents
$4.7 billion in net sales in 2018
$180 million invested in R&D in 2017

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BirdBuffer® is the original, proven safe and effective standard, in vapor-based pest-bird control. Our patented systems provide the most successful and humane options for eliminating bird problems. We offer economical and efficient solutions for Commercial Customers, Pest Control Operators, and Residential Users.

Designed and manufactured in the USA by our award-winning team, each BirdBuffer® machine is calibrated and tested thoroughly to produce the finest, driest, and most effective invisible vapor on the market. As you continue to read through our website, you will see why we have become the number one choice in bird control with invisible protection and visible results.

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Looking to provide a solution for problems often found with traditional pool finishes, ecoFINISH began creating batch bespoke polymer powders specifically developed for the ease of use for the installation process of flame spray coating. We began by developing flexible polymer powders to be used for flame spray industries and created a patented process for installing our finish on concrete swimming pools. This finish was made to withstand the abuse of underwater conditions, was long-lasting, and did not crack, chip or peel. This was the beginning of our aquaBRIGHT™ swimming pool finishes.

We found this innovative application could be adapted to fiberglass and polyFIBRO® was then created with its own patented installation system devised to tackle the issues of traditional gel-coat finishes. Since, our aquatic finishes have been successfully installed on steel, aluminum, stone, and even wood substrates.

The majority of our powders are certified, complying with NSF/ANSI 61 Drinking Water System Component (drinking water safe), and are ph Neutral. Since the creation of aquaBRIGHT™, polyFIBRO® our aquatic coatings include Commercial Coatings, and aquaticLIFE™ coatings for marine life for zoos, aquariums, fish farms, and more.

For Industrial use, ecoDUSTRIAL Traditional Coatings meets the same high standard of our aquatic coatings, but are available with the added benefits of Slip Resistance, Non-Skid, and BioCote Antimicrobial properties and many other benefits to suit needed coating requirements.

ecoFINISH® Installers and Distributors can be found globally, including United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Belgium, Italy, Iceland, Poland, the Netherlands, Bosnia, Sweden, Greece, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Ukraine, Thailand, Bonaire, Spain, the Carribean and we continue to expand.

We remain committed to going beyond our current capabilities and the reach of our products and solutions, incorporating the latest technologies available to ensure the quality, efficiency, and sustainability of all of our products in response to the needs of our customers and the final client.

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Elemoose is a haven for designers, thinkers, and dreamers alike, offering a place for skilled and artistic individuals to create work that satisfies his/her niche. We are committed to bringing to life a wide range of ideas and designs by melding artistic talent and advanced technology to produce the highest quality, most innovative products one can imagine.

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Sometimes it’s hard to believe it’s been nearly 20 years since the journey of the Endureed brand began.

It all started with a challenge: create a roofing system that would deliver the beauty and wonder of natural thatched roof, durability of a commercial-grade building product, capable of surviving hurricane force winds.

By applying years of in-depth roofing knowledge, world class creativity and artistry, this challenging endeavor was tackled with enthusiasm, vigor and vision for a product to change the way the world would look at thatched roofing.

After months of dedicated work, rigorous testing, and intense visual critiquing, the first product that would be given the “Endureed” badge was born.

Our Endureed products quickly caught the attention of world-renown resorts, amusement parks and hotels, who eagerly began integrating Endureed synthetic thatch roofing designs into their unique projects.

Today, the same excitement and vigor that fueled the development of the first design concept propels our brilliant team to continuously improve on our designs, and bring new thatched roofing ideas to the market.

We help our customers give life to their imaginations.

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The Euclid Chemical Company, based in Cleveland, Ohio, is a leading manufacturer of products for the concrete and masonry construction industry in North America. For over a century, Euclid Chemical has developed strong relationships with contractors, specifiers, owners, building materials suppliers and concrete producers offering high quality products and industry leading technical support.

Euclid Chemical provides products and technologies that include: admixtures, fiber, integral color, shotcrete, grouts, repair mortars, bonding agents, adhesives, coatings, curing and sealing compounds, dry shake hardeners, joint fillers, sealants, densifiers, waterproofing, repair and other products. Our leading brands, including Euco, Eucon, Plastol, Increte, Tuf-Strand, Fiberstrand, Dural, Vandex, QWIKjoint, and EucoRepair are known in the concrete industry for innovation and high quality, verified through ISO 9001 certification.

With the expertise to provide complete solutions for every concrete project, Euclid Chemical provides in-house support services including research and development, petrographic analysis, continuing education seminars, contractor and distributor training programs and consultation services for contractors, architects, engineers and owners. Leveraging these strengths, Euclid Chemical is a trusted partner for success in the challenging concrete construction market.

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Why can’t building materials be as handy and convenient as other packaged goods?
The question seems simple enough. The EZ Street team wondered why nobody had ever asked it. Fortunately, they did the asking and answered themselves with EZ Street. The EZ Street Company exploded onto the building materials scene in 1995 with the introduction of EZ Street Cold Asphalt. Temperature resistant, non-messy and easy to use, this innovative product was an instant hit with both consumers and industry. And why not? Look at the instructions distilled to their most basic essence.

Throw it in, compact it, walk away, never worry.
Such unprecedented ease and quality are highly desirable, whether you’re a private builder, a government contractor or a do-it-yourself consumer. If time is money, there is no better value on any scale, small or large. Resolved to continue launching new products, the EZ Street team is always focusing on new technology with sophistication and insight. EZ Street Company is determined in leading the world in being a better builder. Their ultimate goal is as simple as their flagship product: utterly uncompromising performance with maximum convenience.

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Slip-and-fall injuries are a challenge for anyone around water. That’s why Life Floor tiles feature incredible traction. They’re slip-resistant without being abrasive, and soft for bare feet. Unlike coatings and sealants that need to be periodically reapplied, Life Floor’s traction will last the entire life of the tile.

With a static coefficient of .92, Life Floor is significantly more slip-resistant than broomed concrete. Even at a 35 degree angle, our testers are still sure-footed on Life Floor.

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