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Artificial Plants Unlimited is a leading manufacturer of lifelike artificial plants and plant-based design accents. Known for their realism as well as their colorfast, fade-resistant construction, our artificial plants, trees, hedges, and flowers are available in several unique and fully customizable designs. The perfect zero-maintenance, weather-resistant greenery, our artificial foliage can be placed indoors or out, and will maintain its beauty throughout the seasons in any climate. This combination of high-quality materials and realistic-looking designs makes our artificial plants and plant creations the number one choice of the world’s best hotels, resorts, spas, restaurants, shopping centers, theme parks, and other places that benefit from the appeal of fresh greenery without the added cost or maintenance.

Don’t see what you’re looking for, or need assistance finding the right fit for your project? Give our skilled team of designers a call for free one-on-one consulting: 1-888-320-0626 or email us:

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Manufacturers and importers of artificial plants and trees. We specialize in giant palm trees, custom topiaries, tropical accent plants and greenery, fire retardant trees and branches, outdoor trees and shrubs, thatch, grasses, and other foliage components designed for theming of exhibits, attractions, and entertainment.

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Forever Bamboo by L&B Holdings is located in sunny San Diego with a well trained staff ready to support your needs. We are one of the largest importers of natural and artificial thatch and bamboo products in the United States.

Forever Bamboo has worked with many popular theme parks, zoos, casinos, stadiums, beach resorts, party planners, interior designers, movie studios, television shows, aquariums, golf courses, resorts, home builders, hotels, and restaurants.

Forever Bamboo is a distributor for a number of high quality tropical suppliers including Viro Thatch products here in the United States.

We focus on customer service and quality commercial grade thatch and bamboo products. We have one of the largest inventory and widest selection of green building materials in the industry.

Our integrity is very important. We strive to do what is right for our customers by giving them the best service and quality products. We will give you our best knowledge of the products so you can make the right decision and be satisfied with your purchase from our company.

We travel the world, looking for new opportunities and products while making sure our sources are reputable with acceptable working conditions.

Forever Bamboo is proud to sell bamboo – a renewable resource that is the fastest growing plant on earth. Some species can grow up to 1 meter per day and can be selectively harvest annually with no need for replanting.

Bamboo plays an important role in the reduction of timber consumption, environmental and forest protection, poverty alleviation and sustainable development of rural economies.

Together with our customers, we can give back to the earth and make it a better place to enjoy life.

We encourage you to stop by our Orlando location and explore our inventory in person. You can get up close in person to check out the quality of our beautiful products and inspect the natural finishes, durability and superior craftsmanship. Our friendly customer service representatives are also readily available and happy to assist you with any product questions — we can help you find beautiful bamboo products and tropical decor to enhance your environment, showcase your style and suit your budget.

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Tropical Palm Trees manufactures the most realistic durable, versatile and affordable indoor and outdoor artificial palm trees available anywhere. Durability and action are the best ways to describe the incredible realism of our palm trees. Only the highest quality materials are used which gives our palm trees phenomenal action as well as great strength and durability, which gives you, maintenance-free, peace of mind.

Imagine creating an environment so irresistible you and your guests will be completely enthralled. A lush tropical paradise for your guests to enjoy as though they were relaxing on an exotic island paradise, the warm summer wind, a tall cool refreshment, and the palm trees gently swaying in the warm tropical breeze, waving all their worries away.

All Tahitian Coconut Palms are individually fabricated to give each and every one it’s own distinct personality. From the core support of the all steel superstucture for unbelievable strength even in high winds, to the high grade UV stable polyethylene palm fronds, right down to the tapered trunks constructed of advanced synthetic composites that simulate the natural look of palm trees found only in the South Seas. So realistic they are even engineered to sway in the wind.

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