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America’s Holograms is a visual display provider located in the heart of California’s Capitol. We specialize in visual spectacles that capture viewers imaginations and stain the memories forever. We are organized under Data Flow LLC and Paired with HYPERVSN and Alpha Architectural Signs & Lighting.

Our collaborative team has many facets of expertise in installation, design, and innovation. HYPERVSN, a leader in Holographic Technology, says this about our relationship: “We are thrilled that America’s Holograms has become our partner in the United States, bringing in a wealth of local expertise and professional approach. Together we will be able to accelerate the world’s transition to more meaningful and highly impactful visual technologies with HypervsnTM solution”.

The future of advertising is here. Some of the world’s most successful companies have already begun to utilize Hypervsn by Kino-mo. Coca Cola called on holographic technology to promote their new juice and soft drink line towards their audience in Russia. A set of Hypervsn 3D displays featured the drinks at an easily visible location. Within the 4-week campaign, results floored those who inspected the data.

“Hypervsn™ campaign for one type of juice and soft drink allowed to achieve a 23.7% increase in sales volume and 46.7% growth in turnover. The figures for the second juice and soft drink products were also impressive. Sales soared by 9.3% and turnover increased by 31.1%. Within the next four-week post-campaign period there was a significant decline in numbers with sales dropping by 18.8% and turnover by 35.9% on average. Overall, the data collected re-confirmed that the immersive shopping experience Hypervsn™ creates has full potential to become a game-changer”.

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Previously, virtual reality was part of fiction, which we often saw on our television screens. Fantastic films showed us the possibility of immersing a person in a completely different world, where he could do something that was inaccessible in the real world. Today, this technology has become available to everyone. For several years, hardware manufacturers and software developers have been working to improve their products. You cannot just plunge into another world; you can manage it and get pleasure from it.

How is immersion in virtual reality

Immersion in another world has become possible thanks to new technologies that are actively developing. A special helmet is worn on the head of a person, which ensures complete immersion. Inside the helmet at eye level are displays with a very high resolution so that the image is clear and does not create discomfort. The helmet is also equipped with headphones that make immersion complete by creating the right atmosphere. In the hands of the user takes special manipulators that allow you to control all that he will see in front of him. Virtual reality in Moscow really immerses you in another world and Anvio programmers play an important role in this. It is very important to create special software, which will be the basis of the world where you can plunge wearing a helmet. Developers today create various simulators, games, incredible landscapes, imitate certain construction projects. It is thanks to the professionalism of developers and complex tests that the user can enjoy what he leads before himself and what he can do with all this.

Where to explore technology

Virtual reality is becoming more and more accessible. The easiest, but not the best way to dive – is a helmet for a smartphone. You install your smartphone in a simple helmet, download an application to it, launch it and dive into the virtual world. You cannot call this immersion full, because you clearly understand where you are, you cannot control everything that happens. It is simply an introductory technology that has become available to everyone. To experience the real immersion in the virtual world, you need to contact a specialized club, where there is professional equipment. Visiting the virtual reality club, and paying for the time of immersion, you can enjoy the technology that became available not so long ago. The best hardware, the most interesting software, and professional tuning provide exactly the realism that you originally hoped for. It remains only to choose the desired scene of virtual reality and dive into it, enjoying the active and unusual rest, which charges a lot of positive emotions. Independently, at home, it is quite difficult to assemble such equipment. The cost of the finished kit will be extremely high, at the same time you will not use it all the time. Buying quality software also takes a lot of money, so visiting the club would be a simpler and more right decision. It should be remembered that for complete immersion you need free space, which is not in a city apartment or even a private house. After all, initially this room was not designed for such purposes.

Benefits of visiting a VR club:

Low cost Professional equipment Official software Prepared ground for complete immersion Professional technical support

Why you should experience it for yourself

First, anyone can visit the virtual reality club in Moscow; this is an inexpensive and affordable service on the market that should be used. If you have not experienced the virtual reality, you cannot say whether this kind of recreation suits you. In fact, this is a modern technology that has been tested by several percent of our country’s population, so you can join the ranks of these people. This is a completely new sensations and emotions, this is the freedom of action, which you lacked so much.

Today it is very difficult to surprise a person with something new, because everyone has modern gadgets and we use them daily. Technologies are developing extremely rapidly, offering mankind more and more new opportunities. But virtual reality remains something that not everyone can believe. Immersed in the virtual world, you can go where no one has ever been, you can make your dreams come true, you can jump from a parachute, you can play games, enjoy the flight, etc. This is a completely new world that you can open in front of you and do whatever you want.

Thanks to modern equipment you do not have a feeling of discomfort, you are not swayed, your head is not spinning. You can spend much more time in the virtual world and study it in more detail, having received a storm of unusual and at the same time positive emotions from it.

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Breakscape Games is dedicated to sourcing the latest in VR to provide the top social and entertainment experience. Our first title, De-Composed VR is currently compatible with both the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. We plan to integrate new technology platforms into our products as they become available to develop on.

Players are actively exploring, communicating, working together, and solving puzzles fully in our VR world with their friends. Like a traditional escape room, you have to solve the room before the clock runs out! Full gamesmaster control is included to host and reset the experience.

Pricing: $3000 per license per player

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Panoramic Flying Theatre
Address: 9, Fuxing 4th Road, Kaohsiung 806, Taiwan (R.O.C)
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Simulation Expertise, Making Dreams Reality
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Brogent Technologies is a Taiwanese supplier of media based attractions. We create media driven virtual experiences by seamlessly integrating AV, motion simulation and media content and the latest interactive technology.

Our team members and partners include interdisciplinary senior designers and engineers, well known theme park designers and film directors. With our creative knowledge and engineering capabilities, we use story telling techniques and our ride technology and integrate it into client’s architecture. The results are unforgettable guest experiences that drive attendance and repeat visitation.

i-Ride and m-Ride has evolved to become the leading flying theatre solution in the market place. With almost 20 flying theatres on three continents and in major theme parks such as Europa-Park in Germany or Fujikyu Highland in Japan, Brogent is also the most trusted flying theater supplier.

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We are a close-knit studio of diverse creatives, tech futurists and straightforward collaborators specializing in designing and creating motion platform systems for theme parks, award-winning hygienic headsets, VR / AR rides, virtual humans, scalable backend ride systems and full-bore story-driven experiences.

Our toolbox isn’t limited to spatial computing, mixed realities, artificial intelligence, interactive storytelling or projection mapping. Our far-reaching contacts help us embrace new technological developments beforehand. Our beloved partners (compadres from around the world) enable us to collaborate in dreaming up astonishing experiences and we’re always open to meeting new friends!

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Address: Dynamic Motion Rides GmbH
Seilergasse 9
1010 Vienna • Austria
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Proven technologies combined with latest drive and control expertise. All electric, virtually silent and almost maintenance-free components. Latest technology, internationally patented motion systems

Attraction designers and master planners are including DMR-technologies in the development of their attractions.
We will be delighted to develop outstanding motion-based solutions to satisfy your creative needs.FREE FALL FLYING THEATER combines a flying theater with all its options for simulating great flying experiences with the added sensation of a sudden drop, a “faster than gravity” free fall.

It’s a completely new flying attraction, blending all the best elements of leading-edge flying theaters, simulators and free fall rides, thus allowing the creation of mind blowing unique experiences in fully immersive multi-media environments.

With two ride vehicles per tower the best capacity is achieved.

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+43 1 512 6269
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Address: Reedham House – 31 King Street West – Manchester – M3 2PJ – United Kingdom
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Address: Vekoma Rides Manufacturing B.V.
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6063 BA Vlodrop
The Netherlands
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Our team of specialists in concept design, engineering and manufacturing thrive on overcoming any obstacles in their determination to deliver the most thrilling experience for your guests and the best results for your business.

Whether you want to create a new family coaster that appeals to children, teens, parents and grandparents, are looking for a new heart-pounding experience to delight thrill seekers or want to develop any other attraction that will make your venue a success. Vekoma will assist you to discover more.

All under one roof
We have the world’s largest in-house expertise centrum. It’s where cutting-edge engineering meets creative design and imaginative storytelling to create an experience like no other. Our passion for the pure joy of the ride is reflected in the game changing attractions designed and built by the 300+ experts that work in this group. From creative design, high-precision engineering and manufacturing to service and after-sales. This means we have full control over every aspect of your project, so you know your end result will fulfill your creative and budgetary requirements and meet the most stringent standards for safety, quality and comfort.

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