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With over 35 years of experience, GHESA Water & Art offers all kinds of recreational projects and solutions featuring water, created for urban spaces, cultural complexes, shopping malls, theme parks, sports centres or large entertainment areas.

GHESA counts on a solid team of professionals able to provide creative and technologically innovative solutions, with the capabilities required for their successful turnkey construction anywhere in the world. Four thousand facilities in 30 countries support this experience, based on unique patented technologies that translate into multimedia show fountains, floating megafountains, interactive water features, water parks for children,… all in original designs and varied scales.

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With experience and competence, we realise innovations. During our 140 years of company history we always fulfilled our pioneer role in design and development of pump technology. The high engagement of our own design department is leading regularly to new products which are not only of important practical utility but also durable and efficient.

Quality is irreplaceable. Except by improved quality. A glance at the cost structure of our pumps over their life cycle shows clearly that apparently higher investment costs are paid off very quickly, ensuring that our pumps offer you long-term price advantages. Year after year. And that’s no accident: we think about tomorrow today and always bear sustainability in mind. What’s more, the longevity and minimal maintenance requirements of our high-quality pumps make them very popular with your service team.

Long-lasting. Sturdy. Efficient. Our self-imposed utmost requirements on our products affect our processes in every level. Strict quality controls accompany our pumps from the development to the delivery to the customer. Our production is distinguished by an excellent educated staff. From the draft to the fabrication we are supported by top modern computer systems, software (3D-CAD) and simulations (CFD). Also applied is the industry 4.0 digital production technology CAM and 3D-printer. To guarantee worldwide valid quality standards we are certified acc. to DIN EN ISO.

We take all the latest requirements of today’s world into account. Smart products and a networked production environment are a testament to this. To this end, we use modern methods and seek to come up with groundbreaking solutions using our own software developers in order to play an active role in meeting future challenges such as the Internet of things.

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LCI is a London based design led, attraction and event production company.  Our mission is to deliver your vision for the project, and make the process a positive experience throughout.  LCI will take your initial ideas and further develop the concept into a deliverable reality.  LCI will ensure that every aspect of your project is covered. Your role in delivery can be at the level of involvement that suits you. The service we provide will be designed to meet your needs as a client, whether you are an expert in multimedia experiences, or if this is your first project.

We use the latest technology and design processes to create the best possible experience for your audience.  Our creative and installation teams can provide a wide range of custom services to deliver large scale attractions or smaller scale promotions.  We offer the highest quality products and services, regardless of the size or location of your project or event.

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Architectural Fountains

Beyond Ordinary

Since 1986 we have been shaping water to catch the eye and inspire awe. We take great pride in hearing people ask, “How did they do that?” We have 16 patents on our Laminar Flow nozzle technology. Quality and customer satisfaction is at the top of our list. We work closely with Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Designers to ensure your project is completed under budget, on time, and done correctly the first time.

Custom built fountains are one of Waterworks International’s specialties. We work closely with Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Designers to ensure your project is completed under budget, on time, and done correctly the first time.

Waterworks Architectual Fountains
At Waterworks fountains are our specialty: Our design team is capable of designing stunning, massive outdoor displays timed with music and lighting effects and fountains that rise hundreds of feet into the air. In contrast we also create delicate and elegant stand alone fountains to compliment indoor decor. Waterworks staff work closely with Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Designers to ensure quality.
-With our knowledge and experience your ideas will become reality.

Browse our large selection of fountain components for inspiration.
Architectural Fountain Elements
Waterworks has an exciting variety of fountain elements each with its own unique effect.
Browse the list below to learn more about each of the options available. Then give us a call and let’s build something beautiful.


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ATEC Water Design is a company specialized in themed parks water features:fountains,decorative musical sequential computerized fountains, watershows with special light lazer and sound effects,waterfalls, swimming pools,jacuzzis, water treatment,artificial waves and surfing,lazy rivers,mist and fog systems,water themed accessories. We have been since 1988 consultants, designers and contractors for projects ranging from private residences,villas restaurants,hotels,public gardens and themed parks.

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ECA2, President and Artistic Director Yves Pepin, specializes in multimedia events that include water screens (a concept developed by Yves Pépin), large-scale imagery, laser, light and fire. ECA2 produced the Eiffel Tower 2000 fireworks, the 1998 World Cup Ceremonies, and shows in Mexico, China, and Japan.

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Water feature development for architecture, landscape and urban design. WET Design specializes in the design of water features worldwide and is a leader in the development of innovative design and technology. Whether the installation context is municipal, commercial, institutional or residential, a WET water expression is developed specifically for each environment and provides viewers with a quality of pleasure and engagement–whether the experience be one of tranquility or drama.

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