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Upon entering the opened lock to the indoor waterpark, guests are greeted with laughing and splashing. The first floor has a large pool as well as four different waterslides. Lockers are located towards the front of the building, so parents can enjoy the amenities as well.

Guests have just taken an elevator up to the second floor to grab a quick bite to eat from some local vendors. The smell of pizza, burgers and BBQ take over as guest’s stomachs begin to grumble. Seating is located around the enclosed waterfall which continues to immerse the guests into the theme of the park.  Lets keep moving on up!

Guests with small children can lounge and play on the third floor. The pool on this floor is shallow and has water sprinkler toys and other fun elements. One of these elements is a water playscape that contains smaller slides and water coming out of each nook and cranny.

Floor five is a fancier dining experience that is great for business meetings or a nice meal on the town. Inside the restaurant is a bar with seating towards the back, as well as around the waterfall. One of my favorite parts about this floor is that there is something to look at wherever you sit. It could be the lake, the parks, downtown, the waterfall or the ceiling with projected images of water.

Floor five is the queue line for the massive translucent slide that wraps around the building. The line is designed for overflow options and has fun amenities for the guests. the waterwheel can now be seen churning water, and there will be a fire hydrant that occasionally sprays the guests down with water.

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