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At Themed Attraction we have access to a growing network of artists from across the world. Recently, were were lucky enough to find a sculptor and painter named Manolo Rubio, based in Valencia, Spain. It was a fantastic discovery. We think you will be impressed by the quality of his work and his range of styles. While Pixar and other American movie studios are bringing more and more animated characters to fruition that look decidedly the same: His work is refreshingly un-Pixar, not sterotypically American, and completely fresh. His designs are rich, filled with a depth of character not often seen today. We hope you enjoy the work of this master creative scuptor, Manolo Rubio.

Manolo Rubio specializes in “creative sculpture” as he calls it. Prefering one-of-a-kind creations, all of his pieces are unique art. Unlike some, Rubio doesn’t like to make reproductions.

Mr. Rubio has completed work for a lot of varied clientele: Scenic fabricators, airports, shopping malls and even the famous “fallas” of Valencia festival in Spain. Rubio works internationally including the United States, China, and India as well as his home country of Spain. But currently, he focuses most of his attention on projects outside of Spain. Rubio travels to scenic studios for his work, wherever that work may take him. As a traveling artist, he recently completed a Christmas project with Surreal Design Studio in Mumbai, India.

Turning a simple sketch into unique art:

One of the the projects Mr. Rubio is most proud of is one he recently completed for the Chinese manga illustrator, Mr. Tsai Chi. Rubio created several sculptures from the illustrations of Mr. Chi.  Mr. Rubio was able to put aside his personal style in order to capture the heart and soul of Tsai Chi’s manga creations. See below:

Painting with depth as way to enchance value:

Rubio’s works are characterized by a rare commitment to exceptional painting. The depth that he manages to achieve in his pieces is reflective of his personal philosophy regarding quality. Rubio told us that he probably uses around fifty layers of paint on each sculpture to achieve the depth of character that each piece requires to create the perfect look. It takes a lot of time and effort to create each piece, but to him, the results speak for themselves.

The Artist behind the Technology:

A lot of changes have happened in the industry recently with 3-D technology entering into the marketplace. But even so, Rubio still believes that merely using 3-D technology can be a crutch and will not ensure great results. While 3-D technology is a great tool, it is still important to have a good artist behind the technology.

Rubio expained that it is common to see sculptural pieces that are very well finished at the modelling level. But without the right artist to finish it off, the piece can lose its character when painted. The results can be flat and uninspiring. Sometimes having a true professional artist on hand makes all the difference!

As an example of this, here you have an example of this giant sculpture that Rubio made for an upscale shopping centre in Spain. (See above.) The final result can be attributed to the use of 3-D technology enchanced with an artist’s hand.

For those scenic shops looking for their next sculptor, Rubio is willing to travel around the world to take on your project or work with you. Feel free to send him a note on linkedin, or right here on themedattraction.com by clicking join at the top of the site.

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