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Sports Devotionals

Each week theme park designer Nate Naversen and dozens of other men and women come together to play flag football at a church near Orlando, Florida.  

At halftime the players pause to reflect on the game and their week. The following are devotionals that Nate shares with the players at halftime on topics of character in sports and daily living.  Some of the devotionals are meant to be deep, and some are meant to be light-hearted and some are just parts of the Bible meant to encourage.  All are meant to be read aloud.   These devotionals have been pieced together from news sources, web sites, and unique writing in order to be presented in oral form to the players at halftime.

If you are offended by Christianity, then this place is not for you.  These devotionals are unashamedly Christian, but they are also unashamedly loving.  They are light and hope to hurting people who come to play each week.  These devotionals reflect the struggle for a life of courage, character and integrity on the playing field. 

Heartbreak from a guy's perspective When you are Sidelined
Rafting Humility
Something Wicked A Lesson from Flying, His Masters
In Pursuit of Perfection - Indianapolis Colts A Name to Remember - San Diego Chargers
Change - The Only Constant Home Field Advantage - New Orleans Saints
Daunte Culpepper - Faithfulness Protecting the Pocket - Houston Texans
A New Season Ball Control - Pittsburgh Steelers
Over the Hill - Ain't Got No Skill - New York Jets Making the most of your Opportunities
Trust and Confidence - Kansas City Chiefs Patience - Cincinnati Bengals

Wild Card Weekend - Washington Redskins

To Be Chosen
Revenge - New York Giants Free Tickets
The Hot Receiver The Faithful Fan
All Things New GI picks wedding band over finger

A Changed Heart

A special thanks to Steve Teel and Very Bold Ministries for authoring several devotionals for us.  Additional thanks to Coach Bill McCartney for the portions of his book "Sold Out."


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