Student Showcase Teams2021

DragonTrek is a multi-sensory walkthrough adventure experience where guests must use their teamwork, skills, and want for adventure to save a kingdom from a fire breathing dragon. Through multiple show scenes featuring high-tech immersive media, live actors, stunts, unique lighting and Wayfinding, and more, adventurers will become immersed in this medieval world where their actions will determine the outcome of the experience. Through unique post show experiences, as well as guest based story interactions with live characters and craftsmen, DragonTrek allows for infinite repeat visits with a different adventure every time, as well as guest character progression as their adventures continue!

If you seek adventure, thrill, beauty, and enchantment, then behold the awesome might of DragonTrek!!

Created by: Brendan Assaf, Susan Saulnier, and Kirsten Riser

The best way to think of The Tavern at the End of the Woods scene is an intermission in the experience that is DragonTrek. It is here where guests are welcome to relax, have a drink, and browse goods for sale from different artists, all while remaining immersed in the DragonTrek World. A forever-updating space allows for forever-changing shows and events, adding another dimension to DragonTrek.

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