Student Showcase Teams2021


Step into a world of dreams where you can feel lighter than air or venture into the darker corners of unconsciousness. DREAMLAND is just one land of a larger theme park concept that focuses on the themes and stories of timeless characters such as Mr. Sandman, Father Time, Mother Nature and Old Man Winter.


Creative Design Team:

Alan Ingram
Kaiden Jordan
Mark Firestone
Tracy Taylor

Project Documentation

Project Images

Final park map


Early park layout concepts


Entry portal conceptual sketch and rendering

Concept for Sweet Dreams architecture


Conceptual rendering of Sweet Dreams realm


Conceptual rendering of Nightmare Realm

Dreamland symbol – a dreamcatcher nestled inside of a crescent moon

Mare’s symbol, Luna’s symbol, and how they come together to create the whole of Dreamland


Marshmallow Dream menu


Deja Vu menu

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