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Efteling, the famed theme park in the Netherlands, has added the last two track sections for their new dual-tracked, powered roller coaster, Max & Moritz. Using nearly 5,000 bolts and nuts, the 59th and 60th track sections have today been installed. This completes the two different track courses of the new Mack Rides coaster.

Located on the spot where the Efteling classic “Bob the Bobsleigh” ride once stood, two intertwining tracks of 300 metres each can now be seen. Work can now begin to flesh out the theming of the Alpine landscape the coaster will zip through and the re-theming of the existing station building.

As with all new construction projects within the World of Efteling, conservation and sustainability are important considerations in the construction of this new powered coaster. Braking energy will be captured and fed back into the electricity grid. The ride and the station building will be heated without using gas. The station building of the Bobsleigh has been partially preserved and during the renovation and sustainable FSC wood has been used for the building’s external woodwork.

Based on the German tale of two naughty schoolboys who are always up to no good, Max & Moritz will begin speeding guests through hills and Alpine pools in the Spring of 2020.

Follow the construction story via short episodes on YouTube called “The Making of Max & Moritz.”


The Making of Max & Moritz – Part 1


The Making of Max & Moritz – Part 2


The Making of Max & Moritz – Part 3



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