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“Free the Heaven Spider!”

Qixi Festival Themed Pop-up Event


“Free the Heaven Spider” is a pop-up event designed for super-malls in Shanghai for the in-coming Qixi-Festival in 2022, which will be the middle days of August or so.

I tried theming this traditional Chinese Festival into a commercial event and explored a stylized way to express my idea.

For a better visual experience for the following contents, plz click on the PDF link below for presentation!


The red thread used by the Moon God, who is an elderly-look deity in charge of marriage matching in China,  for matchmaking is created by the Heaven Spider in the Moon Palace. As the Qixi Festival was approaching and the incoming demand on red thread would be immense, the well-meaning fairies of the Moon Palace secretly fed the spider a lot of nutritious feed, hoping it would spin enough red thread. Unfortunately, having been fed too much, the spider spun excessive amounts of red thread overnight and even entangled itself in them. Well, there was enough red thread, but the Heaven Spider needed to be freed!

Now, the poor fairies have been ordered by the Moon God to bring the Heaven Spider to Earth to distribute the threads to potential couples.

“Make good use of the red threads; But also get my spider back home safe!”

Due to the fact that they cannot make indiscriminate matchings, those quick-witted fairies devised a few kinds of tests to verify the faith of the couples, or singles believing in the blessing of Moon God, in hopes of freeing the spider quickly.


Gain Red Thread by finishing any of the booths’ tasks (Redesigned based on Qixi festival custom activities)





Smile to the Red Thread Tree to gain a section of red thread!

(The Red Thread is a magic tool that Moon God uses to connect couples’ fates by tying it on their ankles/fingers. So in folktale and as mass believe, the red thread is a blessing on marriage.)


A quick design project for my themed component design course!

Thank you for your reading through.


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