2022 Showcase Teams (Years 1-2)

Excited to taste a new menu at Genzoya Noodles, guests are lured into a magnificent mushroom infested biopunk noodle bar where they are forced to ask: is the food all that it says on the tin?






Becca Ashworth & Lars van de Crommert


The environment around us has changed. What was once a natural and diverse planet with lush greenery, picturesque mountains and deep red deserts was flattened and overtaken by cities cultivated by greed. Now, the landscape is returning to power, with fungi seeping into cities and spores scattering the air. Driven by the need to adapt to this new environment, The Transgenic Comestibles Collective is an initiative dedicated to investigating how the genetic enhancement of a species can be executed using food. Looking to advance their technology, they have chosen Genzoya Noodles as the host restaurant for their first human trials, and you are their test subjects.


Taking a functional device commonly seen in the restaurant business, we have integrated interactivity into the buzzer. Not only will it vibrate to indicate the food being ready to collect, but it will also serve as the mechanism for activating the space and engaging with it. Customers will be able to hold the buzzer up to certain interaction points, unveiling new information, scores and mini-games, which will establish and enhance the gamified experience. One such interactive point is the napkin dispensers at the table, into which the buzzer can be inserted to ‘reserve’ the table and to display a leaderboard, including their score.



After ordering, guests are encouraged to explore, engaging with the surrounding restaurant, whilst they wait for their food to be prepared. As they explore, they engage with different points around the restaurant. Different interaction points are indicated by a small sign, and guests are invited to point their buzzers at these, unveiling new information or a mini-game to play. The mini-games serve as part of the plot, under the guise that guests are being tested to see their attributes before and after eating. Many of these interaction points will also be consequential, helping to uncover other hidden points around the restaurant. Additionally, points will be earned or lost by engaging with these, with leaderboards being displayed around the restaurant.




LARS: lvdcdesigns.com

BECCA: beccaashworth.com

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