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Helping individuals and businesses make connections in the attractions industry.

Networking Individuals

In this business, we understand how hard it is to get your foot in the door. If you’re a fan or a professional, or someone starting out; we have created a great way to both connect with industry professionals and gain insights from the people who have created some of the worlds most exciting attractions.

Step 1: Create a profile by clicking the join us link.

Step 2: Make friends here on our members page.

Step 3: Network, and ask lots of questions here.

Promoting Business

We are now the first “Self Publishing” online industry hub for the attractions industry. This means that you can quickly and easily publish your information, press releases and thought leadership articles to promote your company.
For businesses this is a powerful tool that allows you to get your message out there. Publishing is free and the process is easy. Others are already taking advantage. We invite you as well.
1) Create a profile by clicking the join us link.
2) Once logged in, navigate to your profile. Click blog.
3) Type your article
4) Add a single image of at least 600 x 600pixels in the “Featured Image” section of the page. This image should be a compressed jpg file no larger than 125kb.
5) Check the box for the most appropriate category. This controls where the article will appear on the site after it falls off the home page.
6) Use the social icon “share” buttons to share your completed article across your social media channels.

Who is eligible?

Ride manufacturers, entertainment companies and those members of IAAPA, TEA. Also all Theme Parks, Family Entertainment Centers, Museums, Aquariums and Visitor Centers.