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July 17 is such a special day. Disneyland opened 65 years ago…and Imagineering an American Dreamscape went on sale, well, a little less than that. It’s finally done, and what a fun journey it’s been putting it together.  

The book traces the evolution from the grand world expositions to Disneyland, laying the groundwork for how these paved the way for your favorite regional parks. There are some colorful personalities behind these projects, and it’s about time their stories were told. I’m especially grateful to have had contributions from industry veterans Rob Decker (Cedar Fair), Rick Bastrup (R&R Amusement Designs), and Mel McGowan (Storyland Studios). 

I acquired lots of goodies and stories along the way, so I’ll be emailing these out every couple weeks or so. Book information and signup is at

The book is available now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and through your local bookstore (hardback coming in a few weeks—that Covid thing again). Enjoy reading, and let me know what you think.



  1. Before Disneyland
  2. Walt sets a new standard
  3. Duplicating Disneyland is harder than you think
  4. Angus Wynne gets it done
  5. Entrepreneurs, visionaries, & mavericks
  6. Davy Crockett tangles with…Yogi Bear?
  7. Masters of the franchise
  8. Adolphus plants a garden
  9. Munchkins, berries & Hershey bars
  10. Who says we can’t build a theme park now?
  11. Evolution
  12. Redemption

Plus special contributions by theme park designers:

  • Foreword, Rob Decker
  • Duell Design 101, Mel McGowan
  • Learning from legends: A personal retrospective, Rick Bastrup


Imagineering an American Dreamscape book cover

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