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The Katapult team has collaborated with visitor attraction, ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure in the UK, to create a new dinosaur experience now open to the public.

Valley of the Dinosaurs is an interactive and immersive experience, featuring 50 animatronic and static dinosaurs, that will transport families back in time. As part of the £350,000 investment, visitors can get up close to Jurassic creatures including a Triceratops, 12-metre-long Brachiosaurus , and a Maiasaura family complete with two babies and a nest of eggs.

Katapult were part of the design team that helped create the experience entrance that features a statue of the park’s legendary Norfolk-born explorer, Cornelius Weston Smythe.

The attraction will also provide dinosaur fans with new photo-taking opportunities, as well as augmented reality points and a magic mirror. Adam Goymour, Park Director at ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure said, “This new interactive experience offers even more dinosaurs to be wowed by and we are really looking forward to welcoming visitors.”

Alongside this project, we are working with ROARR! On ‘its most ambitious and exciting expansion in the park’s history’. The full and formal planning application for a new four-acre interactive play-themed parkland within ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure’s existing 85-acre park was submitted to Broadland District Council, for consideration by the planning committee earlier this year.

In phase one, there will be a vertical volcano themed ride, a high play den, teacup rides, two jumping pillows as well as several interactive play concepts plus food and beverage outlets, retail, and a Jurassic-themed entranceway have been thoughtfully designed to enhance the sensory family play experience at the park, which is already the most visited paid for attraction in Norfolk and provides an important destination for local season ticket holders as well as tourists and visitors to the area.


Co-founder and chief creative officer at Katapult, Phil Higgins said, “We are thrilled to be working with ROARR! to design the vision and master plan for the park expansion. It has been a great opportunity for us to bring our experience of working with both global and UK attractions, to design a truly immersive and interactive new land with family fun at its heart. This is the start of an exciting journey working with Adam and the team and we’re looking forward to a ‘ROARR!-some’ 2022 collaborating on the designs.”

More on the Katapult website.

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