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Storyland Studios was selected to design an all-new luxury experience and brand refresh for Fine Ink Studios in Central Florida, as it seeks to become the first tattoo and body piercing franchise in the US. The new design builds on Fine Ink’s reputation as an upscale tattoo studio, to elevate it to an even higher-end experience inspired by luxury spas and fine art galleries. 

Fine Ink Studios currently has four locations in the Orlando area, and is preparing to open its next in O-Town West, a high-end shopping center located between Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. This new location will define the design aesthetic for its studios going forward. 

“It will be a complete luxury experience, from the time you walk in to get your tattoo art or body piercing, to the aftercare,” said Matt Ferguson, Chief Innovation Officer at Storyland Studios.  

Rick Barnett, founder and tattoo artist, is a fine artist and painter whose art is exhibited in fine art galleries, including the Grand Bohemian Hotels, a luxury hotel chain known for its displays of original fine art.  

Fine Ink trains apprentice tattoo artists to sketch and paint like professional painters. Artists then apply their fine art techniques in their approach to body art and piercings, creating a one-of-a-kind experience for clients. 

“A lot of tattoo artists won’t share their secrets,” said Freddy Martin, an Executive Director at Storyland Studios. Fine Ink is more like an academy of painters who want to learn the great techniques to move forward.”  

The team at Storyland will leverage their spatial and strategic storytelling talents to create Fine Ink’s brand story and immersive experience. 

“We’re excited to bring it to life,” Ferguson said. “The overarching theme of their brand is to allow people to express themselves through a transformative body art experience.” 

Barnett has created an environment where Fine Ink’s artists care deeply about what goes on a client’s body. Body art is “Your Story on Your Sleeve,” as Barnett puts it.  

“Your tattoos, your piercings, are your story,” Barnett said. “We listen to our clients and lend our expertise and artistry to make sure they get the body art they want, that expresses who they are.”  

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