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Stunned. That’s how we felt after a preview visit to Poverty Encounter, the new immersive attraction built by Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF) in Los Angeles. The non-profit is currently prepping their walk-through experience for public opening in December.

Children's Hunger Fund Poverty Encounter, immersive walk through attraction showing poverty around the world.

Haiti After The Quake – The disaster zone in Poverty Encounter depicts Port-au-Prince, Haiti in the days after the 2010 earthquake.

The attraction is meant to be an eye-opening, educational look at the plight of the extremely poor in regions around the world. Guests “travel” to realistic, dimensional scenes of real-life situations faced by hungry kids – the garbage dumps in Guatemala, earthquake disaster zones in Haiti, and the Nepali brickyards where kids as young as 10 are put to work. The scenes were designed by Storyland Studios and fabricated and built by IDF Studio Scenery.

The dimensional scenes are paired with beautifully filmed segments featuring real kids from these areas dramatizing aggregate stories from the charity’s hunger fighting work. Films were shot and produced by cinematographer Dathan Graham.

garbage dump home set within Children's Hunger Fund's Poverty Encounter immersive walk through exhibit

Garbage Dump Home – Tour guide explains what life is like for children living in Guatemala garbage dump villages.

The Director of Poverty Encounter is Alissa Whitely, an experiential learning expert who brings her experience at the Air Force One Discovery Center at The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library where she led an immersive, student education experience that was honored with a TEA Thea award in 2009.

Poverty Encounter is not a museum experience, it’s an immersive attraction that grabs you by the heart and won’t let go. In fact, the experience ends with guests being offered a chance to step into a real working food prep station and prepare food for shipment to kids in need.

Children's Hunger Fund Poverty Encounter presented by Ty Warner

Poverty Encounter Entry – The entry is themed as a busy airport preparing travelers for their journey. The exhibit is sponsored by Ty Warner, creator of the Ty Beanie Babies.

Nepal brick kiln set at Children's Hunger Fund Poverty Encounter

Hard Work In Nepal Brickyard – The brickyard set educates American kids on the struggles of itinerate workers in Asia. Interactives illustrate weights carried by brick workers.

Children's Hunger Fund Poverty Encounter tour

Disaster Zone – Guests are educated in Children’s Hunger Fund’s response when disasters happen around the world.

The attraction opens 12/8/18. Pre-order tickets at

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