About Me
I am a concept designer with a background in themed entertainment as well as mobile games, digital media and experiential design. I studied digital media design and entertainment industrial design in school and ever since I was introduced to location based entertainment, I developed a keen interest in theme parks and experiential design. Having the opportunity to immerse myself in designing and building worlds has been nothing short of a fantastic journey and my goal is to constantly improve my skill sets to create memorable, repeatable and highly immersive guest experiences while fulfilling the client's operational needs.
Concept Designer
My story
I am currently based in a small company in Singapore. I started my career doing mobile games for a small start up and accidentally venture into themed entertainment design and concept art through recommendations after attending a design workshop. Throughout my short career I have had the opportunity to take part in projects for theme parks, water parks, museums and exhibition projects in Singapore, South Korea, Brazil, US, China, Vietnam and Indonesia. I hope to continue learning to gain a more global outlook and insight into the themed attraction business and to share and give back to the community as well.
Current Company & Position
Freelance Concept Designer
Past company & position
ThemedAttraction Academic Showcase Participants