About Me

30+ years working in live TV production with a good few years of theater thrown in; most crew positions, at least ¾ doing video/camera utility (building/setting up cameras, monitors, running cables with the various feeds, running behind camera operators during shows); on sit-coms, talk shows, award shows, concerts, game shows, cooking shows, competition shows, a little bit of sports; also some set construction, audio, AV tech, off-line editor and post production assistance, hanging and focusing lights, tape operator, master control TD, video truck engineer, prop builder, prop master, set dresser, painter, wallpaperer, tiler (ceramic and peel and stick), special effects (including pyro)

Wrote 4 spec sit-com scripts – a couple did pretty well in contests

Found out about writing for themed entertainment/experience; have written themed experience spec projects (some have done well in contests)

On the writing team for the THEA Awards in 2008

Continuing to write themed experience specs, booklets for attractions…

Themed attraction Show Writer. Day job as Camera Utility with over 30 years of experience in Live TV in most crew positions. Spec writing samples available at StartsWithStory.com
My story
Over 30 years of experience in most crew positions in Live TV, some of which have won Emmy Awards. I wrote spec sit-com scripts for a while, as well as a few other TV projects with various writing partners. When I found out about writing for themed entertainment, I switched my focus. I have spec samples available for different types of venues. Some specs for TV and themed attractions have done well in contests. I had the privilege of being on the writing team for the THEA Awards in 2008.
Current Company & Position
Show Writer / Concept Development at Starts With Story and day job as Camera Utility at The Talk
Orange County, CA