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Social Media and Sales Manager at Gilderfluke & Co in Burbank, CA! Gilderfluke has been in the business for over 38 years providing robotics, show controls, and sound systems to every continent on the planet (yes, including Antarctica!). We pride ourselves on not only being a small business but also for providing the best quality products you can buy coupled with fantastic, personalized service.

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Sales & Social Media Manager
My story

Sales & Social Media Manager at Gilderfluke, specializing in show controls, robotics and sound systems. Gildefluke has been in the industry for over 38 years- providing products that last for years (in many cases decades) coupled with consistent and reliable customer service.

Our products are in used in theme parks all over the world. Their small size along with our excellent training allows for easy installation and customization by even novice robotics users.

Current Company & Position
Gilderfluke & Co | Social Media and Sales Manager
Burbank, CA