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About Me
Currently persuing a master's degree in Interdisiplinary Digital Media Composition at Arizona State University. Interested in creating pre-ride and show elements that are interactive and accessible to all!
Let's make fun more accessible
My story
Hi there! My name is Stacia and I'm a 24 year old master's student finishing up at Arizona State University. My focus in life is interactive sonic art and disability design. I have Ehlers- Danlos, a genetic condition that affects the body's collagen production, and leaves me with some physical limitations. My hope is to be able to use my unique education and life experience as a disabled person to help make theme parks more navigable and interactively accessible for everyone!
Current Company & Position
Arizona State University - Creative Career Services Project Manager
Tempe Arizona
College / University / School
Interdisciplinary Digital Media - Music Composition Arizona State University
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