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(Stevensville, Maryland): As parks around the world examine the ways to safely re-open their properties Ride Entertainment has services to help. Two key areas are Skycoaster® and attraction maintenance.

“We know that things will look different as properties start to open,” said Adam Sandy, President of Business Development. “We want to do our part to help parks as they prepare to welcome guests. This is why we have updated our Skycoaster procedures for parks worldwide and re-tooled our Installation and Maintenance team in a way to assist U.S.-based parks re-open. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Parks will open with science and local conditions as their guides and we want to help as best we can.”


Skycoaster worked with its partners to provide cleaning solutions for flight suits as well as updated operational procedures.

Lance Beatty, Skycoaster® Managing Director, said, “As our industry faces an unprecedented chain of events, Skycoaster® remains open and committed to supporting our customers as you navigate these challenging times. We want to especially thank High Energy Sports for their tireless effort to find a solution regarding the sanitization of our flight suits and establishing a procedure to help guide you during operations. We wish everyone a safe and healthy season and hope to be flying soon.”

Skycoaster’s® flight suit cleaning procedures are on YouTube ( and Senior Site Controllers are asked to log into the Skycoaster website in order to review updated operational procedures. In addition, as you plan to re-open, please contact Lance and Anne to schedule your site certification later this year.

Installation and Maintenance

Parks are also facing unprecedented challenges as they evaluate the maintenance work required in order to get open.

Amanda Mercado, Projector Director for the Installations and Maintenance Division, said “For seasonal parks, without having the months of preparation as normal, opening all of the closed attractions will require an immense amount of work (in a short amount of time) from the maintenance staff. Our installation and maintenance team can help the park maintenance teams across the country. We can supplement your labor and work with your team or project manage and complete projects for you to get all necessary maintenance completed and rides running.”

From train rehabs to wire rope and chain replacements, our team has decades of industry expertise. A complete list of the ways Ride Entertainment’s team can assist parks get up and running over the next year is available at: . Our team is here to help in 2020, but also next winter as parks face additional work over the offseason.

In addition, we invite parks to reach out to us if they have questions about the rides and attractions from the manufacturing partners we sell for. “If parks need clarifications from any of the manufacturers we have a sales partnership with please let us know, we will be sure to connect you to the appropriate people at each company,” said Sandy. “We own and operate attractions ourselves, so we understand the unique challenge parks worldwide face right now.”

Ride Entertainment also wants to say thank you to everyone who has done so much already. IAAPA, regional associations like the New England Amusement Park Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, the Pennsylvania Amusement Parks and Attractions, the New Jersey Amusement Association and private companies like International Ride Training have all worked tirelessly behind the scenes to safely get our industry open when the time is right.

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