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2021 Student Showcase Entries

The entry window is now open. Please check back frequently as projects are uploaded. The deadline to enter your submission is 4/30/21.

Instructions to submit:

To upload your project, create a profile. (Click Join Us). Then login and navigate to your profile. Click blog > Create.

  • Add a Title “Project name followed by school”. For example,  “Project Time Warp – UCLA”
  • Add your or embed HTML code, toggle the the TEXT tab on the top right of the screen. (not VISUAL)
  • To paste in written content: Use the VISUAL button on the top right of the page. (not TEXT)
  • Click add media to add images or pdf files to the page.
  • Add featured image (bottom of page).
  • Select a category so that it will display properly here. Select  team or individual.
  • Excerpt – optional. This is text that will be displayed on the gallery page.
  • Tags – optional – for SEO purposes. These are essentially key words.

Hit Save Draft to continue to work on this project without anyone seeing it. You can then see edit your draft at a later time by going to your blog section.

Alternate Instructions: You can also go to /wp-admin and login to the back end. Click post > edit to see your saved post.

With great power comes great responsibility:

Important: Once you click publish, this will auto publish to the home page of as well as the gallery page and also be visible on social media pages (automatically).

Contact us to set up a zoom tutorial or a phone call.

Team Entries

Individual Entries