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We would like to invite all attractions businesses to submit your latest press releases here. Press releases will be considered for display on appropriate featured areas of the site.

Please attach the text (html allowed) and a featured image for the release.

Benefits: Your press release will be seen by themed entertainment industry professionals and people across our networks.

Cost: Free of charge.

Terms for submissions: We only accept high quality news content in our site. While we appreciate all press releases, we prefer those from theme park owner / operators, consultants, suppliers, vendors, architects, designers and the like. IAAPA members, TEA members are given strong consideration for their press release. All press releases are subject to the terms of service for our site.

Press releases must be factual and not spammy in nature. Press releases should be free of hype such as “you”, “we” or other first person exclamations or “sales” oriented pitches and should be submitted in English.

Standard Length: Press releases should be 300-800 words in length.

Contact information: Submitter shall provide legal name, phone number, email address and company name for contact information purposes.

Legal: Press release submissions shall grant unrestricted use of material submitted to this site, and warrants ownership / authorship of said material.

Instructions to self publish:

  1. Create an account here
  2. Navigate to your Profile page
  3. Click blog > Create
  4. Add a title, paste in your content, give it a featured image (600pixels – 800 pixels wide), select a category.
  5. Publish article to publish it immediately to our home page.  Save draft to submit it to us for review.