TA Podcast E36: Christian Hope

Our guest is Christian Hope, Vice President of Paramount Studios Theme Parks & Resorts. Christian has contributed concept designs in development of world-class attractions here in the US and around the world. His concepts have resulted in some of the most visited location-based entertainment sites around including Disneyland Paris, Universal’s Islands of Adventure, and The…

JRA and Cortina Productions Team Up on Design of TheZone

Located within the Northwest Arena in Jamestown, New York, TheZone will be an interactive play space for children ages 2 through 12 that builds upon the Arena’s 20 years of successful stewardship of youth recreation and athletics.

Designed by Jack Rouse Associates and Cortina Productions, both world-renowned firms who design displays for museum, sport, and entertainment venues including the National Comedy Center, TheZone will be colorful, fun, and inviting, from the LED marquee that welcomes you in, to the five zones of diverse, dynamic activities inside.

TheZone features a fully ADA-compliant design! All kids can expect to experience play in a way meaningful to them, from designing a sports uniform to testing their speed against real and simulated rivals, climbing, throwing balls, jumping, and simply having fun creating their own play in an enriching, age-appropriate space.

With support from individuals, corporations, foundations, and public resources, TheZone expects to be welcoming guests during summer 2022. For more information, visit https://funatthezone.org

Is there an argument for building real-world connections between themed attractions across the globe?

Over the course of the last couple of decades, increasingly easy and inexpensive international travel has made the world feel smaller; making the appeal of such ideas limited, even as recently as five or ten years ago. Why would I want to look at Orlando through a window, when I could just fly there tomorrow? But as we all begin to finally wake up to the evidence climate scientists have been waving in our faces for several generations — perhaps flying to Orlando tomorrow isn’t the best idea — and the separate realisation that something like Covid-19 can ground flights without much warning, the idea of seeing the world without actually travelling very far may become more appealing. The future of themed entertainment may well be a hybrid, combining in-person visits with virtual experiences set in far flung locations.