The Effects of Social Dynamics in Immersive Experiences

Immersive experiences have surged in popularity across many different sectors of the economy as industries have shifted away from traditional goods and services and toward opportunities for customer engagement with a brand or institution. These interactions can take place across a spectrum of social dynamics, which this paper will quantify based on the types of relationships and levels of agency that individuals encounter in an experience—group active, group passive, individual active, and individual passive. In doing so, this paper aims to investigate how these social dynamics impact the factors of immersion previously outlined by looking towards examples of existing immersive experiences.

TA Podcast E30: Joe Pine

In this episode, Joe Pine is going to help us trace the history and evolution of the world’s economies to what the themed entertainment industry currently knows as the “Experience Economy.” Besides being one of Mel’s thought leadership heroes, Joe Pine’s work has influenced much of his design philosophy and consequently many of the experiences…