2022 Showcase Teams (Years 3-4)


Let your wildest fears come true!

Welcome, mortals, to Thanatopia. Here we specialize in fear…and fun. From frightful thrill rides to dining options full of dread, Thanatopia Park has all the terror you have ever wanted – and some you have only dreamed of.


Visit us today at www.thanatopiapark.com.


Enjoy a bone chilling message from Phobos the God of Fear, his Phobias, and our Feargineers. Then spend some time and browse through everything we have to offer mortals at Thanatopia! 

Be warned, you will be very…very…scared. How fun is that?!



For the Thanatopia project we created an immersive website to tell the story of Phobos and showcase the elements of our land. The following is a frightening sample of what Thanatopia has to offer.




The Graveyard Maze: Enter the Graveyard Maze at the center and take a stroll among the dead. Each turn holds surprising possibilities and endless terror. Can you find your way out?



As part of the Graveyard maze, we have implemented the horror version of Infinite Kingdom’s Magic Campfire, invented and owned by Denise Chapman Weston. The Magic Campfire will allow guests to be immersed in horror stories while they wander the maze. The campfire interacts with wearable technology to customize each horror story to the guests who linger at the Magic Campfire.


Theater of Fears: Watch a horror movie, catch a live show, or browse our collection of scary memorabilia. The Theater of Fears is your one stop shop for chilling entertainment.Watch a horror movie, catch a live show, or browse our collection of scary memorabilia. The Theater of Fears is your one stop shop for chilling entertainment.

The Phobia Phactory


Join Phobos on a once in a lifetime, behind the scenes, tour of Thanatopia’s own Phobia Phactory. Witness for yourself how the Phobias are created on this in-depth journey through the sprawling manufacturing floor. Soon after the tour begins, the Feargineers sound the alarm that the half-formed Phobias have once again gotten loose! Phobos cheerfully lets you know that you should probably step on the gas if you want to leave the Phactory in one piece. Can you navigate the Phactory as it begins to crumble as the Phobias give chase? A warning, the floors haven’t been inspected in a very long time and we don’t know if they will hold up much longer. Have a great tour!



Safety is somewhat important to us at the Phobia Phactory, so all tours will be given in our forklift safety vehicle. This vehicle was designed to ensure that mortals can at least attempt to navigate any obstacles that may present themselves. After all, how can we continue to scare you if you die? Modeled in Maya and rendered with Arnold.


NyctoPhobia, The Ride

Journey into the darkness and explore the frights and fears offered inside this ever-changing encounter. Come aboard the unique ride vehicles and navigate through the unknown. With the 360 degree views, all corners of the manors can be explored. Be careful where you venture, you never know what’s creeping right in front of you. Grab your family and friends and come travel with your worst fears, and those you never knew you had.



Each path taken invites a new and frightening adventure for guests. Though some common areas exist, the changing rooms of the manor allow for a new story to be told each time. Each room may change over time, so guests should keep an eye out for new dangers lurking around every corner.

The ride vehicles are designed with 360 degrees of viewing ability to ensure that each guest can experience all possible haunts, but also creating a unique experience from person to person. This trackless dark ride will ensure an adjustable ride path for each trolley to change the experience as updates are needed. A clear dome atop the trolley allows for ghoulish haunts to to appear from even within the vehicle itself using projection mapping.


AquaPhobia, The Ride


Don’t Disturb the Water. Take a haunting river cruise along the waterways of Thanatopia with AquaPhobia: The Ride. Board the rowboat and relax as it rows itself on a scenic waterfront tour, that quickly goes wrong. Unknown terrors rise up from the depths and the waters themselves pull your boat under on a mad dash through the sewers and under the Phobia Phactory. Enjoy the thrill, and hold on, as you try to outpace the horrors just below the surface.



This water ride operates with a boat shaped car on a track that starts in the river and dives down to a twisting path in the sewers. Exploding out of the tunnels, the boat drops back down to briefly rejoin the river cruise before plunging underneath the Phobia Phactory and reemerging in the river on the other side.



The AquaPhobia ride vehicle appears to be an old row boat that rows itself. Adorned with haunting iron and wood accents, this vehicle actually operates on a track system with hydraulics to create more jostling and drama in the water. Modeled in Maya and ZBrush and rendered with Arnold.


ArachnoPhobia Bar: The ArachnoPhobia restaurant is all about the arachnids and has spider themed meal options with a unique interior design full of huge webs. The restaurant operates on a reservation system, but mortals can access a limited menu with specialty cocktails themed around poisonous spiders without a reservation at the bar.


ClaustroPhobia: The ClaustroPhobia Dining Experience is a fixed menu spooky dining experience. The menu changes weekly to keep the experience fresh, but the price remains fixed for each guest. Dietary restrictions can be accommodated if notified in advance. Guests can access the daily menu on the ClaustroPhobia app from a QR code at the restaurant. Your private room shrinks slowly throughout each course so that mortals feel more and more trapped and terrified. Food portions also increase during each course so that the table feels more and more full. Access the Menu


Do you want to experience the joys of fear all 365 days of the year? Grab some of our Thanatopia merchandise to take the terror home.


Thanatopia (GLOW) T-Shirts: We offer premium t-shirts of all sizes so you can spread the gospel of fear with your wardrobe. Featuring the symbol for the God of Fear, this shirt is certain to terrify. $26.99



Phobia Phactory Model: At Thanatopia, we want to make sure our guests have a memorable experience. Take home a model of the Phobia Phactory to keep the fear-filled memories alive. $34.99


Please come visit us at Thanatopia and www.thanatopiapark.com as soon as you have the chance. Thanatopia is where all your wildest fears come true!


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