2022 Showcase Individuals (Years 3-4)

The Bishop Hotel

The Bishop Hotel is a hotel experience designed to invite and immerse guests into the whimsical and deeply rich history of Salem, MA.

*This project was created for the Visualization & Communication Tools 1 class at Ringling College of Art and Design. This was an individual project.



To create a space that uses storytelling to immerse guests into the rich culture, history, and magical quality of Salem, Massachusetts.

With Salem, Massachusetts’s rich history and city in mind, the idea of this hotel would allow the gap between the history and aesthetic of the city of Salem to be filled and allow guests to enjoy both. This hotel would embrace Salem’s cozy and spooky charm, with a modern twist, and would allow guests to experience the magic of Salem and all it has to offer, even when in their room. Through the use of technology, sound, and visuals, guests can create memorable experiences that allow them to not only learn about Salem, but feel as though they are a part of what they are learning, and create personal and memorable moments, in this one of a kind immersive experience.



Be Inviting, Create Memorable Experiences, and Be Educational

Through modern design but with a charming twist, such as incorporating First-Period Style elements, the atmosphere and interactivity of guests with their environment, welcome guests to learn, explore, participate, and relax while in the space.




Above, is the exterior of the hotel experience (day and night). Inspired by the historic architecture of Salem, with a modern twist.

Lobby | Reception

You then enter the lobby. Here, various sections divide up the space for different experiences. These include reception, a sitting area, and a mini interactive museum about Salem and its history.

Above is the main area of the lobby, where guests can check in and out.

Lobby | Museum

In the front part of the lobby is a section for the museum. Here, guests can use interactive technology such as LED screens, to access and learn about Salem’s history, through a personalized experience.

Lobby | Sitting Area

This sitting area allows guests to rest and unwind, while also providing a waiting area if needed.


In the back of the hotel is a small café where guests can come grab a quick bite and drink, relax, and immerse themselves into the cozy atmosphere Salem has to offer.

Guest’s Room

The guest’s room, a small suite, is decorated to continue to create a cozy, moody, and whimsical atmosphere.

Above, is the entry for the suite.

The living and dining space.

The guest’s bedroom.

The bathroom.

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