Student Showcase Individuals2021

Greetings and Salutations, valued guests! Welcome to Creepenstein Manor, we do appreciate your presence here on the night of our most ambitious experiment yet!!

The Creepenstein Club is a brand new, immersive, horror-comedy dining and nightlife venue that tells the story of the zany Dr. Creepenstein. Tonight is the night of his biggest experiment yet, and he’s invited you and your friends to dine with him in celebration, and then to accompany him to his secret lab to witness his creation come to life. The overall experience of the Creepenstein Club is split into two parts: The Creepenstein Manor restaurant and the Secret Lab Nightclub. Guests of either experience will find themselves in a gothic, steampunk world where anything can happen, and it will always end with a laugh (Maniacal or otherwise). Featuring live actors, animatronics, and immersive practical sets, the Creepenstein Club effectively delivers a high energy horror-comedy based experience, of which the dining and nightlife scene is so sorely missing. Are you brave enough to enter the Creepenstein Club? Sure you are! The way in is through the video below!


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