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I tell my students consistently that if you want to succeed in industry (any industry) you have to have more than the technical ability to work within a specific skillset. You must continually practice and develop dispositional skills such as the ability to community with others, be adaptable to different situations and be willing to learn and grow. In education, we call this having a growth mindset. I often address a problem with my students with the phrase “How might we . . . ” rather than give a reason why something won’t work. As I sat with each of these colleagues and friends it was obvious that they also lean into the same phrase and it has done well for their careers. Myself, along with a few friends and colleagues had the privilege of discussing the future of themed entertainment as well as look at the past of some titans of the industry. Thank you to Josh Miles‘ and the Obsessed Show podcast for allowing the opportunity to present themed entertainment to the larger design community as well as my colleagues in conversation Theron Skees, Jason Surrell, Nathan Naversen and Josh Polk. This was a great discussion spanning their careers as well as the Future of Themed Entertainment.


Theron Skees, Veteran Disney Imagineer & Founder, Designer’s Creative Studio

Nate Naversen, Founder, Themed 

Jason Surrell, Executive Creative Director, Storyland Studios

Josh Polk, Lecturer, Department of Computer Information & Graphics Technology, IUPUI

Chris Rogers, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Computer Information & Graphics Technology, IUPUI

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