2022 Showcase Teams (Graduates & Interns)


A resort paradise to experience the best of each season in a single stay.

Team members:​ Ana Curbelo | Flavia Yoshitake | Ryan Rassasombath




The Horai is a 5-star resort where all four seasons are represented inside the resort. 

The rooms change overnight to each season and based on the season of the day, the whole resort programming and events will correspond to that season. This will include different cultures and food around the world.



HORAIgoddess of the seasons and the natural portions of time.

Originally the personifications of nature in its different seasonal aspectsbut in later times they were regarded as goddesses of order in general and natural justice. 

The goddess of seasons set off to create this mystical place as a sanctuary to allow them to showcase their powers for leisure purposes. The sisters created this magnificent place to be able to escape from reality and recreate their favorite things about their seasons and culture. They created a postmodernist design to bring the past Greek natural style with the present.

Please check the Story Document: The Horai – Story Document



THE HORAI: 5 STAR & SPA RESORT will make its first debut in the highly sought-after Virginia Key Beach Park, only minutes away from Miami, a city known as an international business hub, with trendy shopping, and elegant dining. The resort is expected to expand to different locations worldwide as the brand grows, making the Miami location the first of many to come. 


Value proposition: one-of-a-kind experience where guests can enjoy the best offering from the 4 seasons in a single trip everywhere in the world.


Please check the Map here: 6-Map




Zone 1

Amenities & Services​: Lobby/ Concierge​ | Check-In​ | Calling of the Seasons ​ | The Carpo Cafe (Autumn)​ | Season’s Gift Shop​ | Astros​ | Horai Theatre​ | Phastus Gallery​ | Hiking Discovery​ | Metamorphosis




Calling of the Seasons Show


THE HORAI: 5 STAR & SPA RESORT invites you to Metamorphosisa changing arena inside the cave that brings a unique seasonal experience each day. Be part of a Halloween custom party dedicated to fall today. Enjoy the cold and slippery ice skating rink tomorrow to celebrate winter. Go explore the pool cave paths during summer, ending with an extreme water show with flyboarding water jets. Even fascinated yourself with the beautiful and exotic map projections of springs and their unique flora and fauna. This immersive space brings guests a unique, drastic, and immersive experience every day of their stay.


THE HORAI: 5 STAR & SPA RESORT invites you to Ambrosiaan immersive culinary journey tailored to the taste of the seasons around the world. Take a seat with your favorite people and gasp as the dining room comes to life around you with unforgettable live performances telling the stories each day of the goddess of the Horai. Ambrosia provides a truly immersive event beyond anything you have experienced before. It changes each day to offer a unique menu and theatrical show focusing on the specific seasonal goddess of the day


Zone 2

Amenities & Services​: The Horai Conference Center | Garden of Time | Oía Village​ | Oía Bistro

Accomodation​: Santorini

Zone 3

Amenities & Services​: First Aid​ | Laundry​ | Olympus Fitness Center


The Cave | Purgos 1​ | Purgos 2​ | Purgos 3

Beachfront Lofts

Zone 4

Amenities & Services​: Kheimon’s Oasis | Kheimon Wellness and Spa​ | Kheimon Restaurant 

Accomodation: The Village

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