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The Warrior’s Journey: Path of the Three Clans is an interactive & theatrical walk-through experience that transports guests to the mystical island of Qhiyo, where they will have to team up with the three local clans to defend against a recent emergence of dark magic. At the start of their journey, guests of each party will choose which clan’s path they wish to follow & get the chance to wield their own enchanted weapon. As they progress throughout the experience, guests will come face to face with the monsters of the island & must learn to work together through strategy & problem-solving techniques to defeat the evil once & for all. 

The Warrior’s Journey was a collaborative project created by members of the Themed Entertainment Association @ SCAD. This collaboration featured students majoring in animation, dramatic writing, illustration, production design, and writing.


Design Documents:

Concept Presentation PDF with Narrative

Script Treatment PDF

Concept Art Compilation PDF

Guest Experience

With Warrior’s Journey, we tried to experiment with the limits of what could be done with a walk-through attraction to optimize interactivity & immersion. When guests would reserve a time slot for the experience, they would be given the choice for their party to follow one of 3 clans. Each clan has a distinct culture, geography, & set of values that could be of interest to different parties.



Each clan also has a specific monster that they are tasked with confronting, allowing guests to decide the challenge they want to take on during their experience. Guests find themselves directly called to action when they are brought to take their enchanted weapons & begin their own warrior’s journey. Guests have the choice between 3 different interactive enchanted weapons. The Enchanted Battleax allows guests to interact with close range targets/triggers throughout the experience. The Enchanted Crossbow utilizes digital, long-range targets throughout screens & set pieces. Finally, the Enchanted Trident has guests focus on reaction time with higher placed targets, leading guests to work collaboratively.


Narrative Synopsis

Guests are called to the island of Qhiyo by Nettle, an ethereal & magical island nymph who senses the re-emergence of dark magic & is looking for new warriors to help defend the island. A dark wizard named Chaonos once used his magic to drive the clans from the mainland, & Nettle worries that he might have returned. After guests learn the backstory of the island’s history through an Artifact Room queue & an interactive pre-show, she brings them to the Weaponry to receive their enchanted weapons.

Guests then meet the clan leaders of each of the 3 clans, who lead them to the Battle Training Room. The 3 clan leaders lead their respective groups of guests in a series of mini games that help them learn how to use the magic within the enchanted weapons to strategize & problem-solve, rather than using them for more damage. However, guests are disrupted from their training after hearing the sounds of monster roars in the distance. Nettle tells guests that they might have to confront the island’s monsters sooner than expected, & the group of guests split into 3 distinct rooms with their respective clan leaders.

In each room, clan leaders guide their new recruits through battles with the monster specific to their region. Rather than using their enchanted weapons to harm the monsters, guests must work collaboratively to find clever ways to utilize targets & triggers & outsmart their monster. After each monster battle, the 3 clan leaders regroup to find Nettle. Nettle warns them that Chaonos has indeed returned, & has been controlling the monsters on the island to go after each clan. The guests, Nettle, & clan leaders head around the corner to a magic portal Nettle has casted to transport the group to where Chaonos is believed to be hiding.

The group arrives & comes face to face with Chaonos inside of the island volcano, where an intense battle commences. Guests must now work together with the entire group to activate different triggers & targets that will weaken Chaonos’ defense barrier. After working collaboratively, guests are finally able to defeat Chaonos as he disappears in a burst of fog. Guests are praised by Nettle & the clan leaders for their bravery & invited to the Hall of Warriors to celebrate.

After exiting the final battle room, guests are led into the Hall of Warrior’s restaurant where other guests are eating & celebrating as well. Throughout the dining experience, alternating characters of Nettle & the 3 clan leaders will wander around & interact with guests about their time on the island. Due to the multiple paths/experiences available within Warrior’s Journey: Path of the Three Clans, guests are encouraged to come back to Qhiyo to embark on the journey again.


Team Members:

Billie Redner – Co-Creative Director & Concept Designer

Ryan Elizabeth Scanlon – Co-Creative Director & Concept Designer

Eve Katz – Lead Show Writer

Jade Strack – Show Writer

Ashley Wehrs – Show Writer

Gage Pacetti – Concept Designer & Video Editor

Andrew Guidry – Concept Designer

Hannah Nagengast – Concept Designer

Dana Schrack – Concept Designer

Cody Sowell – Concept Designer

Sydney Harris – Concept Designer

Lexi Vespucci – Concept Designer

Austin Galletti – Concept Designer

Emma Gronda – Concept Designer

Brandi Nolan – Concept Designer

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