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Theme parks and crowd handling may never be the same after the Covid-19 period.

The Covid-19 epidemic makes us humans look differently at other humans. We keep our distance as the other person might be contagious. We are more suspicious of others. How will this affect our feelings and behavior after this Covid-19 is gone?

There are two theories: We might get over it and continue our lives as we did before, or, as many scientists predict, we may change our behavior and become more cautious about infections. In case we become more cautious, how will this affect the Theme Park business? Theme parks are known as crowded places, where people are often packed, with queue lines being the most intense form of this.

Do guests really want to stay in queue lines after Covid-19? Or will they be reluctant to do so? Will they prefer to go to theme parks without queue lines? Research has shown that waiting in queues lines was already the number one guest complaint. Until now (somehow) the parks could get away with it as a kind of fact of life. But now there is a much more pressing health and hygienic awareness that can make crowded queues simply no longer socially acceptable. Also just imagine what a social distancing of 1,5 meters / 6 feet between people would mean for the required queueing length and space?

The theme park world is used to queue lines and they are even typicaly part of their business plan. But maybe this is the time to step away from traditional models and investigate alternative business plans? What if one can run a theme park without queue lines? Does this negatively influence the daily capacity?

The Experience Ticket has studied this question for many years already and has the answers to almost all questions for running theme parks without queue lines. They looked into the capacity, and it is possible to operate theme parks without queue lines!

The good news is that operating without queue lines is possible, keeping the capacity and improving the park business model. Just a question: Have you ever thought about your food beverage and merchandising turnover if guests get more time in the park, not having to stand in queue lines anymore? Have you considered all the positive publicity and benefits of a guest friendly queue free experience? The experts at the Experience Ticket have the answers.

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