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Released To Stream / Download Worldwide On Friday 8 Oct, 2021; Available To Pre-Order Now

On October 8, 2021, a brand new documentary from YouTube powerhouse Coaster Studios will debut worldwide. This Is How We Roll will pull back the curtain to reveal a never-before-seen look into the twenty year history of one of the most remarkable stories in themed entertainment- Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC).

Bound to be popular among roller coaster and theme park enthusiasts, the studio’s first feature-length documentary will also appeal to anyone interested in learning how to run a market leading business. RMC was built from the ground up in the small town of Hayden, Idaho, thanks to its dedicated founder Fred Grubb, who was determined to say yes where his competitors said no.

Frustrated with the upkeep of old wooden roller coasters at his local Silverwood Theme Park, Grubb, a risk-taking country boy from Wyoming, flipped the amusement park industry on its head in 2001, with the creation of RMC. Enlisting the help of veteran designer Alan Schilke, the pair developed a new type of track designed to deliver a thrilling ride experience without the need for constant maintenance.

Doubted by his peers for the seemingly outlandish idea, Fred fought to prove that this new hybrid coaster could be smooth, fast-paced, and combine the best aspects of wood and steel. Out of the blue, legendary theme park operator Six Flags called with the opportunity of a lifetime: rebuild the Texas Giant — the tallest wooden roller coaster in the world when it opened. The only problem was RMC lacked staff, tools, and funding. This is How We Roll tells the unique story of how they made the project work against the odds, and leveraged their success to expand and build a company, whose innovative ride systems have taken guests to new heights on three continents.

This is How We Roll is directed by Taylor Bybee, produced by Sarah Anderson, with cinematography from Scott Schaffer, and an original score by John Pasternak.

Along with RMC creator Fred Grubb and Alan Schilke, featured in the documentary is Fred’s daughter Amy Garcia, RMC Chief Operating Officer Jake Kilcup, WGN News Anchor Marcus Leshock, Anne Irvine and Brian Ondrey of Irvine Ondrey Engineering, and representatives from Dollywood, Silver Dollar City, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Silverwood, Kentucky Kingdom, and more.

Not only a compelling story of what can be achieved when the ‘little guy’ overcomes seemingly impossible circumstances, this is one with the importance of family, and how a team of dedicated individuals can lead an organization to success, with passion and unwavering commitment to doing the best work possible.

Following sold-out advance screenings at Silverwood Theme Park and Six Flags’ headquarters in Arlington, Texas (watch the footage here), further screenings are planned for Sept. 30 in Cincinnati, and Oct. 7 in Orlando.

This Is How We Roll is out to stream/download worldwide on October 8, 2021, and is available to pre-order now via Vimeo. Watch the trailer here.


Coaster Studios creates a wide variety of high quality content through roller coasters and amusement parks across the globe. With a special focus on cinematography, their goal is to tell powerful stories through documentaries, showcase amazing new rides in various shorts, give everyone a good laugh during parodies, and educate and accurately depict rides and theme parks through reviews. 



Taylor Bybee is a digital cinema graduate from Richmond, Virginia, with a passion for the amusement park industry. He started Coaster Studios in 2012, which has grown to over 185k followers on YouTube and nearly 90 million total video views. Scott Schaffer is owner/operator of Upstop Media, a digital media production company with a focus on the attractions industry. Scott is also a content creator for CoasterForce, a roller coaster based YouTube channel with over 1.2 million subscribers. Sarah Anderson joined the Coaster Studios team in early 2021, with experience in camera mounting, filming, and editing. She was instrumental in the creative process of This is How We Roll.


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