2022 Showcase Teams (Years 3-4)

Welcome to Triplo Colpo

Experience the atmosphere of Venice and the rush of a dueling getaway!

Design Team

  • Trey Cristobal
  • Austin Wright
  • Antoine Kepczyk
  • Kaylee Petersen
  • Samuel Moore

Project Information

TPEAD 2022 Student Showcase Presentation

  • Concept
  • Characters
  • Land Lore & Background
  • Ride Story
  • Attraction Design
  • Attraction Scenes
  • Special Effects
  • Operations
  • Dining Options
  • Shopping
  • Estimated Cost

Important Media

Map of the Venice themed land where Triplo Colpo is located


Conceptual layout for the three tracks of Triplo Colpo

Concept art for Triplo Colpo’s Air Vehicle


Concept art for Triplo Colpo’s Land Vehicle


Thank you for checking out Triplo Colpo!


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