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(SAN JOSE) – VBO Tickets launches new QuickBooks™ Online integration for its cutting-edge event ticketing software, a development that further advances an accounting solution in their platform.

This integration allows accountants to easily custom create GL account logic in VBO Tickets and replicate box office sales transactions from their QuickBooks Online account. Items in VBO Tickets consist of an account name, class name, customer name, service or product name, and can be combined to match your existing structure. Item numbers can be assigned to each sale, whether it’s merchandise, tickets, memberships, subscriptions, or donations, and aligned to match items listed in the QuickBooks general ledger. At the end of each day, all recorded transactional data from the past 24 hours is synced to the QuickBooks account. Prevent duplicates and double-check pre-established item numbers by utilizing built-in error override and editing options to repair GL numbers in VBO Tickets before syncing. Only record paid portions of a transaction excluding the balance due until it’s fully paid. The VBO Tickets QuickBooks Online integration allows managers to be notified if a particular line item does not exist so that it can then be created and assigned to the specified transactions.

David Boehme, President of VBO Tickets said, “We’re thrilled to offer our clients the support of this feature. The QuickBooks integration will help to simplify financial reporting processes for our customers, resulting in a greater capacity to optimize their business.”

This new QuickBooks Online integration feature is just one more way VBO Tickets provides organizations with the ability to streamline accounting practices and track sales, resulting in peace of mind for business owners and increased potential for organizational growth.

VBO Tickets provides production companies, promoters, venue managers and ticketing companies with solutions to promote, sell and market events through all-in-one ticketing and patron management software featuring powerful plugins and widgets. From private VIP events in Silicon Valley to large-scale community attractions at city centers, VBO Tickets is a proven solution for any promoter or venue manager looking to strengthen their business and increase revenue.

Formed in 2012, VBO Tickets is the all-in-one solution for event production on any scale: whether you’re a non-profit community theatre putting on a spectacular show or a mega promoter creating memories by the thousands, VBO Tickets is the definitive choice for cutting-edge event and ticketing technology. With its robust, feature-rich — yet user-friendly — platform, VBO Tickets is an industry leader. Its unique and innovative white label technology serves hundreds of clients in the performing arts, academics, sports, concerts, festivals, comedy, improv, municipal and rental venues, as well as corporate event fields. Based at the epicenter of Silicon Valley in San Jose, California, VBO Tickets is proud to offer its platform to the global market, recently expanding its reach into the UK, Germany, South Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Caribbean and Brazil. Simply stated, VBO Tickets is getting rave reviews as the ticketing company of choice from clients in every industry they serve!

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