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When they say that “you know where” hath no fury like a woman scorned, you can bet your boots they had this cadaverous cad in mind! As potential investors, guests join a small band of archeologists in the heart of Cairopace, the region once ruled by the infamous Scorpion Queen, Ebunakra! When she was burned alive by some traitorous servants, her undead soul was trapped on earth where it split nine ways to wreak a terrible vengeance. With some help from Ra, she was sealed away in an urn and locked in her temple. Now, guests find themselves locked in with her! No one could possibly hold a grudge for four thousand years, right? You’ll be screaming for your mummy when you get a load of the hijinx in store! Guests will have the opportunity to ride with one of four colorful tour guides, so each experience is unique! Will you make it out alive, or will you succumb to the Wrath of the Scorpion Queen?


The attraction takes guests through the Scorpion Queen’s Temple lead by one of four tour guides. At one point in the attraction, the scene is different depending on the guide. Other than this, the attraction is relatively the same no matter the guide, except for dialogue.


My name is Jacob Young, I am a Studio Art student at the University of Central Florida. My major areas of interest are character design and concept art, so not much of this attraction has been developed past the concept phase. You’ll notice many of the mechanics of the attraction have been left ambiguous, as I am not of an engineering mind, and many of these elements would depend on a client’s budget. The central focus of this proposal is in the Character Designs and Guest Story. An in depth analysis of the characters and their designs can be accessed at:

 A full readthrough of the attraction can be accessed at:

The script used in the presentation can be accessed at:

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