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PASSENGER 28: Walt Disney Animation director (“Oliver & Company,” “The Prince & the Pauper”), Walt Disney Imagineer (“Mickey’s PhilharMagic,” “Gran Fiesta Starring the Three Caballeros”), and fine artist (Panama Canal Expansion, Shanghai Disneyland, Disney Cruise Lines”), George Scribner!
Renaissance artist George Scribner lives three distinct lives: traditional animator and former Walt Disney Animation director, responsible for the classic “Oliver & Company,” Walt Disney Imagineering attraction director, whose projects include “Mickey’s PhilharMagic” worldwide, the Magic Lamp Theater at Tokyo Disneyland, and “Gran Fiesta Starring the Three Caballeros” inside Epcot’s Mexico Pavilion, and fine artist extraordinaire, who from 2007 to 2016 documented in breathtaking oil paintings the expansion of the Panama Canal (his place of birth), the construction of Shanghai Disneyland, and now the Disney Cruise Lines. Plan now to join us as George boards our time machine for an unforgettable journey through his fascinating career, including stops for leading the story and concept designs for Disney’s “The Lion King,” and “Fantasia 2000,” and working for legendary animators Chuck Jones and Hanna-Barbera!
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