About Me

Hello, I am Taylor Baird, I am an Attraction Designer/ Concept Designer and have been recently working for Universal Creative as a Creative Designer for the last 5 Years. I have also worked in Walt Disney World Resort’s Operations as Seasonal Attractions Host & unofficial Graphic Designer for 6 years.
I can do Concept Design, Art Direction, and I work well with teams and strive to contribute to the company culture. For example, I started the Universal Creative Weekly Newsletter, now a major communication resource for the company. I also assisted in art direction on Fast and Furious Supercharged in Orlando, Florida. Through my concept work, I saved the company millions of dollars finding solutions on alternate methods and designs that are more cost-effective. I recently started my own company allowing me to help you with turning those sparks of imagination into reality.

Creative with a diverse range of talents and easy to get along with.
My story
Taylor was born and raised in Heber City, Utah, between Park City and Sundance. His deep appreciation for theatre was born while participating in over 30 productions at Wasatch High School. However, it was long before high school that he found his true passion. At the ripe age of 11, Taylor took his first trip to the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. He was inspired and amazed by the diverse architecture all contained in one place. He was hooked and knew the world of theme parks was where he belonged. That trip to Walt Disney World catapulted him onto his career path in themed design. Taylor previously worked at Universal Studios lending his creativity and artistic skill to upcoming attraction projects. Outside of the world of theme parks and art, he is a devout member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. His membership in the church has allowed him numerous opportunities to serve his community and gain valuable life skills. Taylor completed a two-year mission for the church in Brisbane, Australia where he served, taught, and lived among the diverse cultures found in the beautiful people of Australia. During his service there, Taylor became accustomed to and even fond of, tropical climates making his current home in Orlando, Florida a perfect paradise. In 2018 Taylor married the love of his life, Hali, and in 2019 they welcomed their adorable Goldendoodle, Teddy Baird, to the family.
Current Company & Position
Beaux Creative & Design, Attraction Designer / Concept Designer
Past company & position
Universal Creative, Creative Designer
Winter Garden, FL